Zami Life launches smart sitting device that improves posture and strengthens the core

7 mei 2015. Zami is an ergonomically stool, designed by Dutch designer Ruud-Jan Kokke, that uses high quality European materials. The patented double convex form was developed to promote active sitting and support better posture according to the results of the research by spine surgeon Piet van Loon. There are two Zami stools, a wooden Zami Essential stool and an aluminum Zami Essential stool. The newest addition to the collection is the Zami Smart stool which connects to the Zami mobile app. The Smart stool provides data into daily sitting habits and helps you to correct your posture. The app can also coach users towards better posture by guided exercises and stretches using the Zami stool. Users will receive suggestions for corrective steps to improve posture from the data tracked on a user’s sitting habits. Posture is important, and Zami Smart helps ensure that people maintain their health while sitting.

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